Clinton Aluminum and Stainless Steel has one of the most diverse selections of aluminum & stainless steel processing equipment in the country. We add new equipment to our facilities on a regular basis, always striving to employ the latest technology in order to meet our customer’s changing requirements.

Our ability to achieve high customer satisfaction and on-time delivery is largely due to our dedicated and knowledgeable maintenance staff and machine operators. Our maintenance personnel keep our processing, material handling and delivery equipment operating and available around the clock.

Below is a list of our current equipment and production capabilities. Please click any category to see the equipment list within that category.

Specialty Equipment

  • Bandsaws
  • Automated Circle Saws
  • Plasma Cutting System
  • Water Jet

Precision Processing Equipment

  • Precision Aluminum Saws
  • Machine Finish Precision Saw
  • Precision Shears
  • Precision Bar Saws

Production Processing Equipment

  • Production Shears
  • Production Aluminum and Stainless Steel Cut Off Saws
  • Vertical Bandsaws
  • Production Plate Saws
  • 40″ High Speed Aluminum Saw

Specialty Equipment


Our state-of-the-art bandsaws offer our customers some of the largest cutting capacity in the country. Saw-cutting extra thick, extra wide and extra long plates has never been easier, enabling us to become a key supplier to customers in the mold industry.


  • Saw-cut aluminum plate up to 42″ thickness
  • Saw-cut stainless steel plate up to 6″ thickness
  • Table size of 96″ x 240″ with the ability to expand if needed
  • Throat of 100″

Automated Circle Saws

With our automatic circle saws, several circles can be cut at once to reduce time and increase consistency and productivity, enabling Clinton to pass a significant cost savings on to the customer.

Plasma Cutting System

Our CNC Plasma Cutter offers near-laser cut quality creating a better finish on the cut edge. We utilize the latest CNC software and CAM systems to reduce scrap and cost, saving our customers money.


  • 3″ thick capacity in stainless steel, minimum of 11 gauge
  • Table size of 96″ x 240″

Water Jet

The water jet was an investment made by Clinton Aluminum to provide product closer to our customers required size. This water jet also allows us to nest product to increase the number of pieces yielded from a master plate. These cost savings allow our customer base to secure business.


  • .125 to 3.00 thickness for aluminum
  • .125 to 3.00 thickness for stainless
  • Note: Our maximum cutting width is 72 inches on the Waterjet

The water jet also features five different finished edges:

  • Rough cut
  • Through cut
  • Clean cut
  • Good edge
  • Excellent edge.

Table Size: 75” x 155”


Precision Aluminum Saws

Our precision saws are reliable and consistent, ensuring repeatability of size. Also, these saws leave a machine finish on every saw-cut, and parts coming off the saw can be considered finished pieces, helping to reduce setup and machining time for our customers.


  • +/- .005” tolerance on width/length of saw-cut aluminum plate from .125” to 5” thickness up to 60” wide
  • +/- .010” tolerance on width/length of saw-cut aluminum plate from 6” to 8” thickness and over 60” wide
  • Best effort on tolerance for widths and lengths over 60″
  • Capacity to cut up to 168″ in length

Machine Finish Precision Saw

Our saw provides us with the most innovative developments in saw cutting available. This saw provides reliable and repeatable machine finish. The saws design allows us to process high volume requirements three times faster.


  • 8″ thick capacity in aluminum
  • +/- .005″ tolerance on width/length of saw-cut aluminum plate up to 60”
  • Best effort on tolerance for widths and lengths over 60”
  • Capacity to cut up to 168” length

Precision Shears

For a fast and inexpensive way to cut aluminum sheet, stainless steel sheet or light gauge plate, our front and rear gauging hydraulic-operated shears can efficiently cut squares or rectangles per the customer’s request. The return conveyor and stacker enables us to process large production runs while protecting the material’s finish. The state-of-the-art design of these shears ensures reliable repeatability when cutting high production quantities.


  • 159″ max cut length
  • 3/16″ stainless steel max thickness
  • 39″ back gauge
  • 12′ front gauge
  • +/- .015″ tolerance on thicknesses of 1/8″ and under

Precision Bar Saws

Our precision bar saws are our automatic cold cut saws perfect for high volume cutting of rod, bar and extrusion. The unique table separation design ensures a high quality finish.


  • 5″ height x 8″ width
  • +/- .005” tolerance on length


Production Shears

Our production shears give us the ability to shear heavier gauge stock than our precision shears.


  • 144″ max cut length
  • 3/8″ stainless steel and aluminum max thickness
  • 48″ digital back guage
  • + 1/8″, -0″ tolerance

Production Aluminum and Stainless Cut Off Saws

Our high-production, heavy-duty cut-off saws have a number of settings and guides to ensure straight, precise cuts. Material can be held on both sides of the blade to reduce vibration and minimize drop-off burr, and the wide range of speeds on these saws assures the fastest, most accurate and repeatable cutting performance possible.


  • Cutting capability of up to 40″ diameters or 40″ x 40″ squares

Vertical Bandsaws

Our many vertical bandsaws enable us to saw-cut aluminum plate into nearly any shape, whether a circle or special template.


  • 36″ throat and 15″ thick material with special support tables to handle large layouts

Production Plate Saws

Our custom designed fourth generation circular plate saws give us a distinct advantage over our competition. Designed, engineered and built in-house, these saws can produce large quantities of saw-cut square or rectangular aluminum plate. These saws provide us with a robust sawing solution that is critical to meeting our customer’s quick delivery needs.


  • 8″ thick capacity
  • 192” length of cut
  • 196” back gauge
  • + 1/8″, -0″ or 1/16″ tolerance

40″ High Speed Aluminum Saw


  • S-40-3A3-CNC 40″ diameter rod maximum
  • 40″ maximum thickness plate
  • Tolerance +0.125″-0