304L Stainless Steel Angle

Designed for use in tanks, enclosures, cabinets, housings, dairy, transportation, architectural, chemical and food processing industries.


The 304L stainless steel angle is a chromium-nickel metal that has great corrosion resistance. It is made up of 18 percent chromium and 8 percent nickel. It is considered as being the most versatile of the alloys in the family of stainless steel. It’s widely used in commercial and home applications. Its ease of fabrication and formability makes it a popular choice. The metal is also resistant to intergranular corrosion that’s caused by welding and stress relieving.

In annealed condition, this metal is non-magnetic. When cold working is performed, it makes 304L alloy stronger, harder, and in some cases slightly magnetic. It has a low content of carbon, making it ideal for welding at temperatures below 800 degrees F.

Applications commonly used for 304L metals include parts that require good resistance to corrosion, along with welding, polishing, machining or grinding. It’s considered a general all-purpose metal that can handle corrosive environments, such as those found in chemical industries and cryogenic services. It’s also used to create the parts that contain or handle chemicals that are either inorganic or organic. Other applications include instruments and architectural trim. Overall, this metal is great for forming, stamping, and drawing.

The machinability of this metal is 45 percent of B1112. Forge and hammer welding aren’t good processes for this metal, but other forms of commercial welding can be easily used. When welded, this metal is both tough and ductile. Heat treatment can’t be used to harden 304L alloys.