Duramold 5 Aluminum Plate

Designed for use in low volume to production injection molds, structural foam, semi-conductor, rotational molds, blow molds, foundry tooling along with vacuum tools. Also used in rubber molds, heating and cooling plates.


Duramold 5 Aluminum Plate is one of the most widely used aluminum tooling alloys.  This alloy is used around the world in prototype and low volume production applications.  Duramold 5 is produced in a state-of-the-art casting facility in California, and offers mold makers the largest size availability of any mold plate alloy.

Duramold 5 is a “cast” plate, but it is superior to typical “castings.” Duramold 5 offers the mold maker a porosity free and grain free product, with consistent hardness and strength properties throughout the thickness of the plate, even up to its maximum thickness of 38 inches. The proprietary alloy composition of Duramold 5 not only gives it this consistent strength, it is also slightly less dense than typical aluminum mold alloys, providing an opportunity to realize additional savings in the mold making process.

Duramold 5 is among the most corrosion resistant of any aluminum alloy, and can also be anodized, coated, and textured for demanding mold applications.  The alloy and manufacturing processes used to produce Duramold 5 also make it easier to weld when a repair situation arises.  Duramold 5 is vacuum and pressure integrity guarantee, and produced to finish to nominal thickness.

Duramold 5 is available from 2 to 38 inches thick, and up to 94 inches wide. All surfaces on Duramold 5 will have a sawn finish.