Hokotol Aluminum Plate

Designed for use in low volume to production injection molds, blow molds, RIM molds, RTM, structural foam molds, and applications that require high strength aluminum.


The Hokotol aluminum plate is a high-strength alloy that was originally designed to be used for applications in the aircraft industry. As time went on, this aluminum was optimized and developed to be used for the demanding applications found in the mold construction industry, which is known today as Hokotol. This product has very high strength and has excellent resistance to wear. Its uniformity of strength properties is also great. The machinability of Hokotol aluminum is good, providing consistency across the entire plate’s thickness. What sets Hokotol aluminum plates apart from the other aluminum alloy plates is that it has an extremely high dimensional stability. When it comes to surface porosity, this metal fits the most demanding requirements for surfaces.

It’s typically difficult to weld aluminum alloys with high strength, such as this product. However, if needed, repair welding can be used when needed. Methods that can be used for this purpose include TIG or MIG, along with the use of an appropriate filler alloy. This grade of alloy can now be used for applications that were once only reserved for steels with low to medium strengths. Although this alloy is strong, it is light weight, being three times lighter than steel. Its machinability is excellent, rated as being five times better than steel. The center of the plate also exhibits excellent mechanical properties.

Cold compressing or stress relieving can be used to create excellent dimensional stability. This alloy has excellent thermal conductivity, which is rated as being four times better than steel. The electrical conductivity is also superior, rating two times higher than steel. This product is commonly used for blow forming molds, injection molds, RIM molds, RTM, structural foam molds and other low volume to production molds.

The Hokotol aluminum plate can be purchased in sizes between 1 and 8 inches thick, 42 and 60.5 inches wide and up to 163 inches long.

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